We're Going Beyond Our Original Missions to transform lives through health & wellness.

Aug 12, 2022

We're Going Beyond Our Original Missions to transform lives through health & wellness.


Under the auspices of health coordination BOOM!Health provides care coordination, health navigation and nutrition education, counseling and food pantry services. We provide client-centered, nonjudgmental, strengths-based interventions that promote client autonomy and independence and increase each client’s ability to access resources and services needed to improve their lives and achieve optimal health. We link clients to vital services, ensure that they have access and ongoing care by monitoring and case conferencing with all stakeholders and providers servicing the client. We empower, encourage, support, educate, advocate, refer, link and follow-up to ensure each client receives the very best care and achieves the highest quality of life she or he can achieve.

Care Coordination
Our care coordination program is affiliated with two major health homes: Community Care Management Partners, a subsidiary organization of Visiting Nurse Services of New York, and Community Health Network. We provide medical care coordination services to Medicaid beneficiaries with two or more chronic health conditions and/or mental health and behavioral conditions, including substance use. Our care management teams ensure clients are linked to medical care and provided with treatment adherence support and community follow-up services, including housing placement assistance, legal referrals, behavioral health and addiction treatment referrals, and a range of other services based on individualized assessments and uniquely tailored treatment plans.

Health Navigation
Our health navigators conduct intensive outreach and engagement, identifying high-risk populations without medical care and social support and link them to medical care and follow-up supportive services, helping them obtain public assistance, housing, behavioral health and addiction treatment and achieve social stability.